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Like any taxi service, we operate under the legal constraints of the PBefG (§51). This means we are obligated to utilize the meter installed into our vehicles to calculate fares for most of our trips. TAXI FARES

Taxifares are governed by Landkreis Neustadt an der Waldnaab as follows:
Minimum fare: 3,60 €
Tariff level 1 (Wartezeittarif): 33 €
Tariff level 2 (Kilometertarif): 1,80 €
Surcharges for each piece
of luggage or pet:
1,00 € pro Stück
Surcharge for a 5th person
or more:
5,00 € pro Fahrt

For long distance trips, e.g. airport shuttle services, we can offer you a special fare. Some of our long distance destinations and corresponding fares can be found in the chart below. Other fare quotes are available upon request. Of course we accept VAT-forms from US Military Service members and other authorized users.


All fares apply for departure/arrival in Eschenbach/Opf or Grafenwöhr. For pick up from other locations, please inquire about exact fares.

Airport Outward journey
ESB / Grafenwöhr / Pressath
Pick-up trip
ESB / Grafenwöhr / Pressath
Nuremberg 135,00 € / 145,00€ 135,00 € / 145,00€
Munich 349,00 € / 349,00 € 349,00 € /349,00 €
Frankfurt 449,00 € / 449,00 € 449,00 € / 449,00 €
Zuverlässigkeit auf Abruf